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Terms & Conditions

1. After a free Trial Class, it is up to students to start Regular Classes or not at Online Learn Quran Academy.

2. Students are obliged to pay the Monthly fees in advance on 25th of every month.

3. Online Learn Quran Academy reserves the right to cease the classes if the payment is over-due for more than 15 days.

4. If student is absent in any class without prior notice, it is not necessary that makeup classes will be entertained

5. If student wants to leave a class, he / she should inform us on Skype or email us at least 8 hours before the class time to get a makeup class.

6. Online Learn Quran Academy reserves the right to cease the classes if student remains absent for more than 15 days without prior notice and no refund will be entertained.

7. Online Learn Quran Academy can change the teacher anytime if needed for better teaching purposes.

8. Online Learn Quran Academy can change the teacher on student’s request, if another teacher is available.

9. Student are not allowed to discuss any payment and contact details with his / her teacher. In case of any loss or damage WOrld Wide Quran will not be responsible.

10. If assigned teacher resigns or terminated, a new teacher will be assigned and students are not allowed to stay in touch with previous teacher. Online Learn Quran Academy will not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by such contact in future.

11. If student decides to discontinue / stop the classes (due to any reasons) before the end of the first month, the fee will be refunded.

12. Fees of students can be varied according the Online Learn Quran Academy's policies.

13. Online Learn Quran Academy can increase / decrease fees of student with notice due to fluctuation in currency rates.

Online Learn Quran Academy can revise its Terms of Service at any time and those would be added on the website as well.

Refund Policies


Our Students are highliy valuable to us. We take very good care of their pesonal informaiton and data and give importance to protect their privacy with our best privacy methods applied at We normally do not fill any payment order. But if any personal and private information or data is received, we will only use it to fill the order and to contact you at that time of need..